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"Part of our mission is to design a platform for women, and create a community of powerful women to support one another's gift, passion, and their purpose." ~ Dr. Angela McNair, CEO/President/Founder

Changing lives for over 15 years!

Empowering Women with entrepreneurship, business ownership, finance management, debt freedom, healthy living and awareness, marriage, mentoring, community leadership, and more!


An Organization For Women By Women!!! Created to move you to another level financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The Vision to Change Nations and Build Women by Launching Them Into Their Purpose and Destiny.

At SES, Inc. we are Divine.Inspirational.Victorious.Anointed.Achievers (DIVAA)

We want to walk with you through this journey called life as we grow and go together to your highest heights. It’s time for Activation!

We emphasize the great power of the right connections, Divine Connections. Get Connected & Stay Connected to SES!

Don’t grow weary, for change is a process. In order for you to transform into the beautiful butterfly that you are created you to be, you must go through the process that will carry you into your purpose.

Jumpstart Your Purpose And Destiny!

Join Us Today!

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We are constantly finding our emotional and spiritual reserves drained by the challenges of life. In such times, we need nourishment to strengthen us...

Let's embrace Peace like never before because your "Peace" is the avenue to reap all of life's treasures. Without Peace it's difficult to walk in Divine Love....

Be Thankful For The Season You're: Learn how to embrace your present situation by receiving it all as a blessings, 

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