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Sister’s Empowering Sisters, Incorporated (SES, Inc.) is an organization created to move women to another level financially, emotionally, in their health and with their families.


Our mission is to design a program and a support system for women to tap into their purpose. We are aiming to help all women (regardless of their race, age, or culture), so that they can flow into complete peace, and prosperity while receiving counseling, leadership, assistance, and life-altering information.

Sisters Empowering Sisters is a foundation built to effectively create guidance and leadership for grandmothers, mothers, wives, single mothers, young women and teenagers enabling them to have a healthy, successful family unit to develop nurturing relationships allowing them to be productive on their jobs, and business endeavors. 

Our mission is also to create a mainstream of jobs for women, empowering them with business entrepreneurship and ownership, finance management and debt freedom, healthy living and awareness, marriage, mentoring, community leadership, etc…through seminars, workshops, classes, resources, job placement and guidance.

"Jumpstart Your Purpose!"

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