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Let us embrace the Peace of God like never before because your "Peace" is the avenue to reap all the fruits of the Spirit. Without Peace it is difficult to please God or even walk in God's Divine Love. Peace automatically gives you the right connection to God, mainly because Peace exemplifies who God is!!! Keep in mind, He is our Jehovah Shalom "The God of Peace!" He is our Peace maker right in the middle of an unexpected storm. Peace has the ability to bring sense to a dysfunction situation, simply because as we walk in peace, God will enable you to think clearly by receiving clarity and understanding of your unknown season. We have to learn how to rest in God through our most difficult times knowing that He is yet still right there!

A lack of peace can cripple one's ability to grow spiritually. It affects your relationship with people and with God! A lack of peace represents a body that carries untreated cancer. It grows within and becomes an internal illness. You really can't see it on the outside at first but if you don't deal with it then it takes root and grows! It then has the potential to change your outer appearance. Once this takes place it will eventually leak out and people will then know you're suffering from loneliness, insecurity, anger, hurt, and low self-esteem, everything that doesn't represent our heavenly father. This season, if you want to be successfully with the things of God and obtain the promises that has already been preordained in your life, you must embrace Peace and hold on to it no matter what the situation is. Just know it is a "TEST!" We have to continue to climb each mountain in our life as we declare and decree healing and restoration to every area that rises up against us. Even the areas in our mind that tries to revisit past hurt and pain that you have already overcame! Through the peace of God it will allow you to gracefully maintain the peace even through that.

As you walk in the peace of God He will teach you how to maintain your peace. "Open the gates, that the righteous nation which keeps the truth may enter in. You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is "Stayed on Him! Because he trust you. Trust in the Lord forever, for Yah, the Lord is everlasting strength" (Isaiah 26: 2,4). Through the Storm, He is your Strength. Through disappointments, He is your Strength. Through a broken heart, He is your strength. Through misunderstanding, He is your strength. Allow the peace of God to become your strength in your "Now Season!"

With Love and Respect, 

Minister Angie

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