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"Sister2Sistah" Youth Scholarship

Sisters Empowering Sisters, Inc. and SES Girl Talk and Boys, Business, and Basketball is sponsoring the Sister2Sistah African American Scholarship, which is made possible through the WJ Scholarship Foundation, in the memory of the late Coach Wille James McNair, who was a coach, and an activist for education.

The scholarship fund helps to reduce our recipient’s out-of-pocket expenses which allows them to focus on their studies and participate in extra-curricular activities. Every year the community is invited to apply for available scholarships that are made possible by donors. By donating to our fund, donors are helping to give inner city students the opportunity to receive equal opportunity.

The scholarships that “WE” sponsor are Entrepreneurship,Capitalist, Leadership, Academic, and Athletic. Our goal is to be able to sponsor and assist 2-3 recipients per year with one of these scholarships.

Join us as "WE" endeavor to help as many kids as "WE" can, two to three kids at a time!

How you can help and donate to the scholarship fund:

  • Go to our 'Donate' page and click top donate

  • Make a note that your donation is for the "Sister2Sistah Scholarship" and who invited your to donate (if anyone)

"WE" appreciate all that you can give. "WE" also ask that you spread the word as "WE" bring communities together for our youth!

2021 Recipients

For more information, please contact us at:

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